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Link your teams by using our Bookmarklet

1. Show your bookmarks/favourites bar

First you need to show the bookmarks/favourites bar in your browser. Here's how:

  • Firefox: Click the menu button and choose 'Customize'. Then click the 'Show/Hide Toolbars' dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen and select 'Bookmarks Toolbar'. Click the green 'Exit Customize' button.

  • Safari & Chrome: On your keyboard, press Command (Mac) Control (PC) + Shift + B

  • Internet Explorer: Click the 'Tools' button, point to Toolbars and click 'Favorites Bar' to select it.
Show bookmarks bar using firefox
Showing your bookmarks bar in Firefox

2. Add the Stackdash bookmarklet to your toolbar

With your mouse, drag this Link Slack Team bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, where it will appear as a button.

Dragging the bookmarklet to the toolbar using firefox
Dragging your bookmarklet in Safari

3. Sign in to Slack

Next, navigate to one of your Slack teams using the same browser.

Logging into slack

4. Start Stackdash

Finally, click on the new 'Link Slack Team' button in your bookmarks bar. This will link your team with our client and you only need to do this once for each team you want to link. After that you can use the 'Login' link (top-right) on the Stacktodo website.

Tapping the bookmarklet

Got it? Brilliant, let's give it a whirl...

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